WE take care of you !

The 7 founders of EurECCA, representing France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands, with more than 35000 affiliates came together in Brussels to join forces and to create EurECCA.

EurECCA, the European Cabin Crew Association will put together experience and resources from these national unions in a new organisation dedicated to protect and to promote aspects of social concern, as well as safety and security matters.

EurECCA welcomes cabin crew unions from all over Europe, who share the vision of a democratic, solidary and prosperous Europe, to work together on these matters on a European level.

EurECCA has no political connections; it concentrates on the interest of flight attendants speaking for actual more than 70% of organized cabin crew. EurECCA promotes better living and work conditions. EurECCA will fight for the well- developed European social model and to improve general living and work conditions for its members in the European framework.

EurECCA┬┤s main aim is to be recognized as a European social partner and, in this capacity, to be regularly consulted within the framework of the social dialogue at the European level.

Founded in Brussels in 2014, EurECCA continues to grow and to attract new members by being a democratic, transparent, solidary and independent association of unions.