GREECE: a small country with big plan – R.A.C.U.

Dear colleagues. When R.A.C.U, the Greek union for Ryanair cabin crew in Greece was founded last year, no one could ever have imagined such impressive progress in such a short period! But they have made great steps forward for their members!

On the 17th October last year Ryanair and its recruitment agency Crewlink recognized R.A.C.U as the cabin crew Union for Greece. They immediately started working to improve the current working conditions of their colleagues and began to negotiate a new Collective Labor Agreement (CLA). R.A.C.U representatives said “This also happened with the strong support of our European family EurECCA and its Union’s members, and we thank them for that”.

On the 18th December R.A.C.U representatives met with Ryanair and Crewlink HR Management in order to discuss the topics that are going to be the subject of a hopefully productive negotiation.

At the moment R.A.C.U represents Ryanair’s only two remaining Greek bases, Athens and Thessaloniki. Unfortunately, Chania, the third base, was closed in June 2018, and this was a major shock for both colleagues based there and for passengers. Furthermore, the Corfu base, that has been seasonal for the last 3 years, will not be re-opened.

With this instability, in a country that is the epitome of tourism, it is necessary for R.A.C.U to take action and ensure a solid future for its employees.

So far R.A.C.U is the first Union, whose representatives are Ryanair cabin crew, to be recognized by the company, and this is probably their greatest strength together with a fierce sense of internal solidarity.

With a positive attitude, good ideas and big hopes, R.A.C.U started a dialogue with the company that will hopefully result in a CLA for Greek cabin crew within the next months.

Let´s keep our fingers crossed!