Interested in aircraft cabin air quality? Register for one of the GCAQE webinars on 15 & 16 September

With zoom sessions at 10.00 CET on 15/09 and 19.30 CET on 16/09, this webinar should be of interest to all EurECCA members:

Targeted at representatives of employee and workers’ rights/trade unions/associations, pilot, cabin crew  and  maintenance employee interested   parties; societal interests/societal stakeholders; and consumer interests groups the webinars will cover the following topics:

·Health and flight safety
·Regulatory implications
·Airline risk assessment ·Recent legal    cases
·Air crew reporting system (EU/US  regulation,  ICAO     guideline,      GCARS…)
·Medical protocol (new)
·Recirculated       air   &   COVID -19 (including    ASHRAE   statements)   and the importance of air conditioning… ·Current and recent industry activities: FACTS project, CEN/TC 436, SAE, A4A, ICAO, IATA, sensors, filtration…

If you are interested please register for your preferred date via this link: