EurECCA Supports EASA’s Safety Information Bulletin “Possible Risks Emerging During Summer 2023”

EurECCA Supports EASA’s Safety Information Bulletin “Possible Risks Emerging During Summer 2023”

EurECCA (European Cabin Crew Association) as a prominent organization representing the interests of cabin crew members across Europe focuses on ensuring the safety and well-being of cabin crews. EurECCA actively supports initiatives that promote safe working conditions and mitigate potential risks in the aviation industry. In line with this commitment, EurECCA endorses the Safety Information Bulletin (SIB)1 issued by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) titled “Possible Risks Emerging During Summer 2023.” This position paper aims to highlight the significance of EASA’s recommendations and underlines the importance of implementing them to safeguard the health and safety of aircrews and passengers.

Rest and Recovery: 

During the summer travel period, cabin crews often face challenging conditions, such as tight rosters, full flights, and long duty hours. It is crucial for the well-being of these crews that they receive adequate rest and sufficient recovery time to perform their duties without experiencing fatigue or compromising their health. EurECCA stresses the necessity of maintaining proper rest periods for cabin crews, especially in peak seasons, when operators attempt to maximize productivity by planning excessively tight rosters.

EASA’s SIB Recommendations: 

EASA, acknowledging the potential risks associated with peak travel seasons, has issued the aforementioned SIB on June 6th to support all stakeholders in the aviation industry. EurECCA wholeheartedly endorses the measures outlined in the SIB, particularly the provisions concerning Flight Time Limitations (FTL). The SIB emphasizes the importance of roster planning that considers possible “operational disruptions” to ensure that the prescribed limits defined in FTL regulations are not exceeded.

Commander’s Discretion: 

One crucial aspect highlighted by EASA in the SIB is the role of the commander’s discretion in roster planning and daily operations. EurECCA firmly supports EASA’s recommendation that the commander’s discretion should not be utilized as a routine practice to achieve maximum duty periods. It is imperative to understand that exceptional measures cannot be used to fly at the absolute limits of FTL, as this can lead to fatigue among cabin crews, thereby compromising the safety of both cabin crews and passengers.

Implications of roster planning with Commander’s Discretion: 

Furthermore, the inclusion of commander’s discretion in roster planning can create challenging situations within crews. The existence of such discretion puts undue pressure on individual cabin crew members to perform flights, even when they may not be adequately prepared or ready for the assignment due to fatigue. This situation is not conducive to a healthy work environment and may contribute to increased risks in the aviation industry. Therefore, EurECCA strongly emphasizes the need to exclude commander’s discretion possibility from roster planning to maintain a safety-oriented approach.

In conclusion, EurECCA supports EASA’s SIB on “Possible Risks Emerging During Summer 2023” and fully endorses the recommendations it presents. By aligning with these guidelines, the aviation industry can prioritize the well-being and health and safety of cabin crews, ensure their rest and recovery, and ultimately enhance passenger safety. EurECCA urges all stakeholders, including operators and regulators, to implement these measures promptly and effectively. By doing so, we can collectively foster a safer and more sustainable aviation industry, where the health and safety of all individuals involved are paramount considerations.

EurECCA represents, protects, and develops the rights and needs of all cabin crew all over Europe.

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