EurECCA celebrates is conception 5 years ago following the major betrayal on FTL today – Every cloud has a silver lining

Press Release – Brussels, 9 October 2018 – It is with mixed emotion that EurECCA today celebrates the event five years ago which led to its creation and subsequent birth nine months later. On this very day in 2013, cabin crew throughout Europe bitterly learned that their 18 month fight for fair working conditions in terms of Flight Time Limitations (FTL) had been sabotaged by an European employees federation that should have protected them and should have been fighting to improve their rights. 5 years later this betrayal continues, and this same organisation is still claiming to defend European cabin crew and is speaking on behalf of EurECCA’s members without the mandate or permission and in collusion with other European stakeholders.

But it’s not all bad news! As a consequence of this treachery EurECCA, the European Cabin Crew Association, was conceived by 7 unions (in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain) as a much better, reliable and dedicated alternative for protecting the rights of cabin crew from around Europe. “We are still fighting for the safety, health and working and social conditions of cabin crew throughout Europe”, says Xavier Gautier, General Secretary of the association. “The European cabin crew family, represented by EurECCA, is still growing stronger every day – we now represent more than 35,000 cabin crew affiliated to 9 European unions in Greece, Ireland and Switzerland in addition to the 7 founders.”

Representing 70% of all organised cabin crew in Europe, EurECCA is the sole organisation focused on cabin crew needs and the only one which has the passion, legitimacy and integrity to fight for better legislation.

As a result EurECCA clarified the key issues of cabin crew in the FTL and is autonomously fighting to improve the FTL on these points.
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Every cloud has a silver lining
and EurECCA’s silver lining is getting brighter every day.
Established in Brussels in 2014, the European Cabin Crew Association, EurECCA, represents, protects and develops the rights and needs of cabin crew all over Europe. It is composed of cabin crew unions from European Union Member States as well as accession and bordering states and represents some 35,000 cabin crew accounting for 70% of all organised cabin crew in Europe. EurECCA has no political connections.

EurECCA’s work is mainly around cabin and passenger safety and cabin crew health and work and living conditions.

EurECCA represents, protects and develops the rights and needs of cabin crew all over Europe