Raise your voice

The COVID pandemic hit hard on the aviation industry. We have seen job loss, lay off, pay cuts, and lowering working conditions for Cabin Crew.

For civil aviation industry, with no borders and transnational companies, Europe is still fighting to harmonize procedures and legislation that will provide crew and airlines with an unambiguous regulatory framework to avoid the use of loop holes in EU regulations, to ensure fair working, hiring and employing conditions, as well as fair competition and equal social standards.

The persistence on the use of fictious home bases, the use of bogus self-employment, and legal uncertainty regarding applicable law to workers are typical examples of practices by some companies dealing with aviation industry and business model.

EureCCA has called the European authorities for a coordinated position to put an end to airlines forcing Cabin Crew to work as self-employed.

“Stronger Together” by signing EurECCA’s petition against self-employment for Cabin Crew in civil aviation. Click here to sign petition.