EurECCA welcomes the European commission legislative initiatives “Fit for 55” to reduce carbon emissions

EurECCA supports the approach from the European Commission to effectively reduce carbon emissions as described in the “Fit for 55” package but points out that the measures have to be reasonable to prevent carbon leakage or the shift of competition outside the EU.

On the 14th of July the European Commission presented their plans on reducing carbon emissions in form of the “Fit for 55” package. Defined within this package are many measures to achieve the goal of a 55% reduction in carbon emissions compared to the year 1990. Some of these measures have a direct impact on the aviation industry. The main focus topics are on the revision of the EU ETS, strengthen the use of sustainable aviation fuel and a European tax on kerosene.

EurECCA is clearly in favor of the approach by the European Commission to decarbonize the aviation industry but it has to be examined very carefully which measures may contain risks for our industry. The aviation market today is characterized by a very strong competition and a cost sensitive environment on the global and European level.

With additional measures, mostly relevant for European carriers and their respective employees, the competitiveness and social protection for all people working in this sector are at risk. Furthermore, some measures might cause carbon leakage to such an extent that the European aviation market will lose its position in the global competition. As a result, flights are no longer routed via the European hubs but via hubs outside the EU which does not contribute to the decarbonization.

Therefore, EurECCA calls for sustainable solutions that prevent the European aviation industry and its employees from structural competitive disadvantages but still serving the overall goal to substantially reduce carbon emissions.