EurECCA Joint Press Release Completion of the Standard on Aircraft Cabin Air Quality

A diverse group including a European Association, representing National Cabin Crew Trade Unions, a Global Aviation Users Coalition and a Consumer Advocate representing passengers, have today called upon the European Member States & Institutions, to support the conclusion of and to promote the draft Standard on Aircraft Cabin Air Quality – prEN17436 “Cabin Air Quality on Civil Aircraft – Chemical Compounds” developed through CEN.

Since 2015, this group has joined with an equally diverse group, representing Aviation interests (including aircraft and component manufacturers, airlines) and standard-setting experts, from across Europe to create this draft cabin air quality Standard. It replaces two disputed and now repealed cabin air quality documents (EN4618:2009 and prEN4666) which had been drafted by an association representing the European aerospace industry (ASD-STAN).

The new draft Standard includes measures to prevent exposure to engine oil and hydraulic fumes onboard aircraft during commercial flights. The potential for exposure to these fumes is well documented. The issues of contaminated air arise principally from the design and maintenance of the bleed-air ventilation system which supplies air to the cabin and flight deck which has first been compressed in either the engine or auxiliary power unit compressor (APU).

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