EurECCA calls for airlines to mitigate risk of coronavirus for cabin crew 

The thoughts of EurECCA are with the hundreds of thousands of cabin crew who are at the front line of the Wuhan-coronavirus. Although the virus is most prevalent in China and most flights between Europe and China have been stopped, this does not mean that cabin crew are not at risk of being infected. The spread of the virus is obviously accelerated by air travel and, as a result, the risk to cabin crew is growing.

One of EurECCA’s core aims is to promote a safe work environment for cabin crew. Cabin crew are well trained to cope with medical emergencies on board and will act professionally in the face of any threat.  However EurECCA calls upon all airlines to put the health of cabin crew as a priority and help prevent the risk of them contracting the coronavirus or any other infectious disease.  We are asking airlines to supply cabin crew with adequate information and with materials such as mouth caps, alcoholic cleansing gels and prevention kits. The cabin of an aircraft must be a safe place to work.