Solidarity declaration – TAP Portugal

Dear friends, It was with great satisfaction that the Portuguese Government announced their choice of the potential buyer of TAP-SGPS, Mr. David Neeleman.

We, the board of SNPVAC deeply regret the satisfaction and the choice to sell.

What we want is for TAP to remain in the hands of the Portuguese State and that it continues to be our flagship airline, the one that carries the name and the quality of Portugal around the world.

We must not forget the fact that TAP employs more than 12.000 workers.

The future of many Portuguese is at risk.

For the moment, TAP’s Cabin Crew collective agreement of the Cabin Crew of TAP is denounced.

We are a professional class with a collective agreement that will remain in force for only one more year, and it is in the hands of a potential new owner.

We cannot accept this unbearable uncertainty of the near future, where nothing is guaranteed and the shadow of layoffs looms.

We also wait for a resolution of the Supreme Administrative Court, which, in time, will be able to stop this attempt to sell.

We need your help in order to let everyone know of this attempted sale, which must be stopped.

There are still several steps to do before the final decision can be considered definitive, but if it is only for the will of the Government, we are an airline already sold to an American/Brazilian Businessman.

We have an uncertain future ahead.

Your solidarity and support are essential to us at these troublesome times in the lives of thousands of Cabin Crew members.

This communication is an alert for the present situation of TAP-Portugal.