SNPVAC calls on Ryanair to respect the social agenda of Europe and to respect the fundamental rights of european workers

After a 91% successful three-day strike at the four portuguese Ryanair bases in Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Ponta Delgada, SNPVAC president Luciana Passo urges the Ryanair management to respect basic european principles.

Every employee in Europe has the right to get unionized and has the right to negotiate collective labour agreements bargained by the union of their choice.

Says Luciana Passo: „We are overwhelmed by the courage our affiliates in Ryanair have and this clearly shows their need for decent representation by their union. This includes FTL- conditions, payment schemes and general working conditions. Furthermore, we the SNPVAC ask the management to fully comply with national labour law. We are awaiting fair negotiations with the management to come to a basic understanding of a respectful social partnership and we are looking forward to meet with the management any time soon.“

Adds Christoph Drescher, General Secretary of EurECCA, the European Cabin Crew Association:
„I am very proud to show the full support of all member unions of EurECCA for this action. Ryanair cabin Crew all over Europe deserve the same fundamental rights. The european social model is the foundation of a fair and sustainable relationship between employees and employers; including collective representation by unions. EurECCA will support the coordinative work among the relevant national unions to achieve level- playing- field all over Europe for Ryanair Cabin Crew“