RACU Crew Union

Dear colleagues, EurECCA is happy to announce the membership of the greek cabin crew union R.A.C.U.

During the annual meeting in May, the conference welcomed the representative of R.A.C.U..
R.A.C.U., founded only several months ago, is the only union organising Cabin Crew in Greece and EurECCA is happy to support the colleagues politically to organise themselves. Given the difficult social situation for employees in Greece, it is even more important to strengthen the workers´ organisation there.

The actual representative of the board, Nicole Adonopoulos, works as a junior Cabin Crew onboard Ryanair- aircraft. Nicole gave an overview about the actual situation for Cabin Crew in Greece and about the priorities the union has on its agenda. It became very clear that there are certainly many topics R.A.C.U. has in common with EurECCA and its member unions.

Since the beginning, several meetings have taken place between representatives of R.A.C.U. and EurECCA- representatives to support them. Certainly, the process of supporting the union in its action to start talks with the Ryanair Management about recognition is a top-priority.

R.A.C.U. is an important step to organise Cabin Crew all over Europe and to strengthen the voice of Cabin Crew on the national and european level. Improving the working conditions and the social situation of Cabin Crew all over Europe is the top priority of EurECCA.

Best regards,

Christoph Drescher