EurECCA fully supports the recent study on aerotoxic syndrome

Brussels, 28 April 2019 –EurECCA fully supports the recent study on aerotoxic syndrome published by the Association of Toxicology-Chemistry of Paris (Association Toxicologie-Chimie – in June 2018 and revised in March this year.

The study is an important first step in demonstrating the link between cabin air contamination and the health of crew and passengers; and therefore EurECCA aims to work closely with the academic world of medicine at European level on this important issue.

As far as EurECCA is concerned there are two options:

– Either this toxicity and the danger to our profession (cabin crew and pilots) as well as passengers as a result of exposure are recognised,
– Or this issue is ignored, in which case the academic world of medicine at European level will be held responsible for any consequences due to their lack of action.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines on aerotoxic syndrome are clear. However as they are still not taking them in account, we can only assume that they lack the will to take action to remedy the situation while awaiting the report of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

As not on-board health is a serious matter a “Task Force”, composed of various interested actors including pilots and cabin crew, airline unions, lawyers, prosecutors, victims, physicians, has been set up to urgently address these issues.

The aim of “the task force” is to present evidence in order to oblige the aeronautic industries to eliminate the fume events and act as quickly as possible to protect the people on-board aircraft, whether they be our crews or our passengers.

On a positive note, at the last meeting of TC-436 (Air Quality Standards Group) in Cork (Ireland), a proposal was agreed to in order to push for a voluntary, urine and blood test, from crew members and if possible from willing passengers after a fume event.

EurECCA awaits consensus on this proposal and trusts that our endeavours will be successful in this matter.