Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

As we close the year 2019 and look forward to 2020, the executive board would like to share with you a few highlights from the year, tell you about some of our plans for next year and ask for your support in asking your members to participate in a brand new survey to assess the issue of sexual harassment for air cabin crew and to find ways of addressing the problem.


EurECCA is currently researching the problem of sexual harassment within the airline industry, from both passengers and colleagues.  We are hoping to gain insights on the scale of the issue and how the problem could be addressed, so we invite all European cabin crew to have their say, voice their concerns and to share experiences.  We encourage everyone to complete this short survey, whether or not you have experienced any degree of sexual harassment.  All responses are anonymous; however if you wish to share your experiences you will have the opportunity to do so – and this can be “on” or “off the record”; the choice is yours. https://eurecca.eu/surveyharassment


  • In September we launched a new website, logo, url and email addresses! If you haven’t already had a look please go to www.eurecca.eu and tell us what you think!
  • After much lobbying and proving we are a credible and legitimate organisation representing cabin crew in Europe, we are now a key partner for the Sectoral Dialogue Committee on Civil Aviation.  This means talking about your issues right where it matters most.
  • Key meetings with various European institutions including the European Commission, European Parliament
  • Hearing on future low cost air travel with focus on the main challenges of competitiveness, safety and improving working conditions.
  • Directly involved in the revision of the 'EU Air Services Regulation' (Reg. 1008/2008)
  • Participation in the European Commission's consultation relating to regulation 376/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 3 April 2014 on the reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation.
  • Joint Committee and the Expert Group meeting under the
  • Agreement on Air Transport between Canada and the European Community and its Member States
  • Cabin Air Workshop to share feedback and give recommendation for the nature of a possible future Research Project;
  • Status of observer and invitation to the second meeting of the Working Group on self-employment and enforcement of applicable law
  • Partnering with our colleagues in the European Cockpit Association to fight together on issues of common concern
  • News & press releases, position papers and statements
  • New board elected at the annual EurECCA Conference which took place took place in Lisbon on 17th of October (for more info: https://eurecca.eu/post/annual-eurecca-conference-2019)

Executive board members :
           New President - Groeneveld, Annette (VNC, Netherlands)
           New Vice President - Basarot, Corinne (STAVLA, Spain)
           Secretary General - Gautier, Xavier (SNPNC, France)
Other board members :
           Processi, Massimiliano (ANPAC, Italy)
           Schwerthelm, Stefan (UFO, Germany)
           Vieira da Cruz Mesquita Diana Isabel (SNPVAC, Portugal)

2020 vision

These are the issues we will be working for you on next year.  Let us
know if there are others!
•       Ensuring fair competition inside and outside Europe
•       The social challenges of mobile staff in aviation
•       Principal place of business
•       Ownership and control
•       Temporary agency work
•       Bogus Self-employment
•       Posted workers
•       Home base

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Jan 14, 2020
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