EurECCA expresses its solidarity with Air France cabin crew

Air France cabin crew on strike

Air France cabin crew on strike

Solidarity note !

EurECCA supports the position of the representatives of its member SNPNC, a French national cabin crew union, that condemn the physical violence two senior Air France executives suffered at the hands of some protesters.

EurECCA would however like to express its solidarity with the Air France cabin crew after the Air France CEO officially announced his intention to cut 2900 jobs in the next two years. From those 2900  jobs cabin crew stand to loose 700 jobs.

EurECCA supports real and fair negotiations in order to give Air France a future agreement respecting decent working conditions along with growth in profit and a solid business plan on future investments to put Air France in a position to regain strength and competitiveness.

EurECCA Executive Board

Oct 06, 2015
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