Letter to the Greek Ministry of Health- RACU

Access to Covid19 vaccine

Honorable Minister,

Ryanair Aircraft Crew Association (RACU) represents Ryanair flight attendants employed at the Greek bases of Athens (“Eleftherios Venizelos” Airport) and Thessaloniki (“Makedonia” Airport), and is a member of the EurECCA (European Cabin Crew Association).

As you know, at the moment, air transport is effectively underperforming with significant restrictions, and our Company has almost (temporarily) ceased its activity in the Greek territory, as it is mainly active in international air transport.

As you know, at the moment, air transport is effectively underperforming with significant restrictions and especially the companies we work for (Ryanair and Crewlink, which is a partner training and recruitment company on behalf of Ryanair) have almost (temporarily) ceased their activity in the Greek territory, as they are mainly active in international air transport. It is important to underline, for any future action, that the colleagues who work on behalf of Crewlink are not receiving any support allowance from the Greek State, as the agency operates with KAD “003000” (“Operation outside Greece”) and not with the KAD “5110” (“Air Passenger Transport”).

The vaccination program against Covid-19 has been started in our country by the elderly category and the health and the security forces employees’. However, we believe that the vaccination should be immediately, and as a priority, extended to the air transport workers, and especially to all air crews based in Greece. The effort has been launched at a pan￾European level by EurECCA to restore air transport across Europe as soon as possible (https://eurecca.eu/post/eurecca-calls-governments-prioritize-cabin-crew-access-covid-19s-vaccination).

Cabin crews come in contact with many people daily, and the transmission of Covid-19 is at high-risk in our working environment. Vaccination of air crews would protect public health, but it would also represent a step forward for Greek tourism, which mainly depends on international air transport.

A few days ago we heard the news about the first Covid-19 free islands in our country, in which the vast majority of their inhabitants were vaccinated and for which there is already a strong tourist interest, since they have become attractive tourist destinations. A similar message about a safe air transport staff in Greece would give a significant boost and a competitive advantage to the Greek tourism, which is extremely important for the local economy. We think this is a fundamental act to return to normalcy and possibly have a good tourist season in 2021.

Having said that, we believe that your intervention will help to fully restore air transport, which is extremely important for our country in the upcoming tourist season.

Yours sincerely,
R.A.C.U Board of Directors

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