Levelling the playing field. White paper on foreign subsidies

EurECCA along with E4FC welcome the White Paper, which will intensify the efforts by The European Commission to safeguard European companies, including airlines against unfair competition from third countries. EurECCA looks forward to contributing to the public consultation.

Subsidies granted by non-European Union governments to companies in the European Union appear to have an increasing impact on the Single Market. The European Commission has published this month a White Paper on the distortive effects caused by foreign subsidies in the Single Market.

1. State aid control ensures that public support granted by EU Member States does not lead to competitive distortions in the Single Market
2. There is no international or EU instrument sufficiently addressing similar distortions caused by Foreign Subsidies
3. The proposed new instrument will complement existing tools and fill the regulatory gap
4. Rules will apply equally to subsidies granted by all non-EU countries and will not be discriminatory towards any country