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  • Cabin crew général occupational health and safety protection

    The current COVID-19 crisis has clearly shown that cabin crew, after health workers, are among the most exposed workers to this and other viruses, primarily because it is almost impossible to ensure a clean workplace or to implement the recommended social distancing measures in the confined space of an aircraft.
  • FTL EurECCA Booklet

    This booklet will help and give you an overview to understand better the application rules of FTL (Flight Time Limitations). It has been produced by EurECCA to ensure your safety and to guarantee that both passengers and Cabin Crews be protected from fatigue-derived risks.
  • Covid 19 health and safety measures

    At this critical time, EurECCA is calling on EASA to support health and safety measures to avoid an upsurge of COVID-19 in the civil aviation sector, and ask all civil aviation authorities to ensure that all airlines apply AT LEAST minimum health measures, which is not currently the case.
  • E4FC European for Fair Competition

    The E4FC is a "coalition" of citizens, frequent flyers, airlines, but also European workers' associations and trade unions. Its main objective is to raise the general public’s awareness of the unfair competition that currently exists in the airline industry; in a particular unfair competition that is a result of the massive subsidization of state-owned airlines by the governments of the Gulf (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, etc.).